Kathleen Crapanzano, MD is an Assistant Professor with the Department of Psychiatry, LSU and also serves as the LSU-OLOL Psychiatry Residency Program Director.

Greetings from Baton Rouge, and welcome to the LSU-OLOL Psychiatry residency program website! As another recruiting season rolls around, I am struck with how far we have come as a program and how we continue to grow and mature.  Our program has set its sights on becoming a premier psychiatric residency training program, and we are well on our way.  Our culture here is to always strive to better ourselves, the services we offer, and the quality of our department. Through our outstanding facilities and training opportunities, our dynamic faculty, and our prioritization of teaching, we are preparing our residents to become leaders in the field of Psychiatry.  This last year has had its challenges and its victories, but I believe we have earned the right to no longer consider ourselves “new”.  We are now an established, successful residency program!

Take a look at some of our accomplishments over the last year:

Other important strengths of our program include:

During the past year we have found our community at the forefront of the recent violent events that have been occurring across the country, and more recently we have been faced with a shocking natural disaster.  Our resident diversity and resilience has helped us come together to support each other and try to process the events that are occurring around us.  I am hopeful that our program can be a resource for the community as we attempt to heal and improve our relationships and understanding of each other. 

I firmly believe that the best residency experience is one where there is a good fit between the resident and the program. You need to feel like the training program you choose will be a place where you can grow and develop an identity as a physician and psychiatrist. If you are looking for a place where education comes before service needs, where the curriculum focuses not only on molecules but on the role of human relationships, and where an individual approach to helping you meet your potential is stressed, then LSU-OLOL in Baton Rouge might be the place for you!

Kathleen Crapanzano, MD
Program Director
LSU-Our Lady of the Lake Psychiatry Residency Program